Was never a believer in chiropractic medicine until I trusted in Dr. Rob. He listens, explains and provides relief to pain and direction for a healthier life.


I had been suffering with neck pain for years and was extremely frustrated when I was in a car accident. Prior to the accident, I had consulted many doctors and had been through several costly medical procedures trying to ease my pain. I was living on muscle relaxers, painkillers, and over-the-counter meds just to try to get by day by day!  I had been to three other chiropractors and had lost hope that anyone could help me. 

I was lucky enough to have Dr. Williams recommended to me just days after being in my wreck. I really liked how I was treated from the day I walked into his office.  He was honest that my case was complicated, but felt very confident he could help me. I trusted what he said and followed through with a treatment plan. I'm happy to say now that I am pain free! I still go in once a month for regular adjustments and massage, and I always enjoy going. I never would have imagined I would be able to live my life without pain in my neck.


I've suffered with bad headaches since I was 12 years old. I was told I had migraines but no medicine seemed to work. I would be so physically sick for sometimes days. It led to a lot of ER visits, missing work, and medical bills. I started seeing Dr. Rob and his team about 6 months ago and I feel like a new person! Thanks for giving me such great care and giving me my life back.


I first went to Dr. Rob out of desperation. I'd re-injured an old injury from a bad accident and was frantic with pain. He listened, asked questions, probed the tissues - then adjusted a different area altogether! I was so focused on the place where my pain manifested, but he went to the source.

I had an immediate diminution of pain, and he went on to give me acupuncture, which reduced it further. Then he showed me what motions I was doing, myself, that increased my pain - and gave me techniques to unlearn those bad habits. I really love that about Dr. Rob - he doesn't just "work on me" - doctor on patient - he partners with me to improve my overall well-being.

It has made an enormous difference in my everyday life. I was caught in an endless cycle of pain and no sleep - and Dr. Rob pulled me out of that and back into my life. I can't thank him enough.


Great people! Great care! I've been going here for many years following a car accident & not only has that original back pain gone away but Dr. Rob continually teaches & shares resources so that along with scheduled maintenance treatments, the pain stays away!


I came to Integrative Health Center in December to get my boyfriend, Mike, acupuncture as a Christmas present. I first talked to Rob Williams over the phone.  I was simply trying to schedule an appointment, but Rob took the time then and there to have a conversation with me in order to get an in-depth understanding of Mike's symptoms and clinical presentation. Mike played college baseball and has a lot of problems in his left shoulder and gets numbness in his left hand. His neck and upper left back region also caused him pain. 

    Rob invited Mike and I to both come in together to ihc. During this time, he spent over an hour getting to know us and explaining his practice. Truth be told, I was EXTREMELY hesitant about chiropractic care... I've been taught from a more western approach to medicine, I am an Occupational Therapist and have heard too many chiropractic horror stories. I was open to acupuncture, but the manipulation of the spine (especially the cervical spine!) seemed a bit too much for me. However, Dr. Williams was completely respectful and transparent with my concerns. He was open to talking to me about his philosophy and approach. He was willing to discuss the deficits in consistency in chiropractic medicine, and did so in a professional manner. 

    During this consultation, Rob spent time palpating and getting an understanding of Mike's pain. While talking to us, he commented on how I was moving and holding my neck and shoulders. I, too, hold stress in my upper left quadrant (according to Dr. Rob this is very common). He also got an understanding of my clinical presentation. He explained what a treatment plan would look like if he worked with Mike and I.

    Rob has been unbelievably generous, understanding, and flexible with our financial limitations. Given my hesitation, I felt like he was trying to prove to me his product was worthy. Well, he was right.  In roughly 3 months, Mike and I both have significantly less pain. The numbness Mike experiences in his hands has reduced drastically. Rob has gone above and beyond in all ways. He always provides provoking and interesting conversation, and I feel he is truly a great person. 

    As opposed that "gun" some use, Rob uses his hands for adjustments to increase accuracy--he's a master at palpation. He identifies problems in tissues, then explains what he's going to do and how I should expect my tissues to react. Sure enough, all of the tension, transferring of stress and healing that he predicts I will feel are true. I've been very impressed. Furthermore, he offers functional considerations of daily habits and routines to be mindful to promote your back health. 

The acupuncture treatment was great, I have no experience with acupuncture elsewhere, but Dr. Williams placed 3 tiny needles in my shoulder on pressure points that stayed in for a week. I've continued to get adjustments and massages (which are also spectacular!), but Rob hasn't continued acupuncture with Mike or I as he says he doesn't think it's necessary (I appreciate that money-saving honesty ).

IHC also has an interactive front office that lets you take scheduling in your own hands.  It is client-friendly and very convenient. Mike and I are both very busy and Rob has gone out of his way to work with our schedules. 

Overall, Mike and I both feel much better after working with Dr. Williams. He is knowledgeable, skilled and kind.  I appreciate everything he has done for me and I definitely recommend going to Integrative Health Center.


Dr. Rob and his staff have the most patient-centered medical practice I have ever experienced. You'll spend more time with the doctor than in the waiting room, he will listen to you and help you help your body fix the problem, and he will help you identify the causes of your pain and make lifestyle shifts. Dr. Rob is compassionate, and provides chiropractic care specific to your body. I would highly recommend him and his staff for anybody seeking a lifestyle of wellness.


I started going to IHC in June 2013, upon the recommendation of a co-worker. I was having some odd nerve issues in my left arm and wasn't even sure a chiropractor was the right solution. However, upon my first meeting with Dr. Williams, I felt confident I was going down the right path. He took the time to understand my issue and explain how the spine, nerves, muscle system, etc. work together and could be causing my pain. In addition to the treatments he would give me in the office, he gave me simple exercises and things I could focus on in my everyday life to help the situation. He didn't ever lead me on with any kind of quick solution or miracle cure. It took almost a year of regular visits to completely cure my problem but, again, I had a weird issue and not the more common back pain-type issues that lead people to a chiropractor. 

For me, the problem really came down to my sitting at desk using a computer for a large portion of my job and my poor posture. I'm not going to stop working with a computer and my posture is difficult to fix, so I've continued to go back to IHC monthly for an adjustment and deep tissue massage. Besides being enjoyable and feeling great afterwards, I look at it now as "regular maintenance" on my body to combat the sitting/posture/etc. just like you change fluids and rotate the tires on your car. 

Dr. Williams, as well as his two massage therapists, are professional, friendly, and will put you at ease with what's happening. As far as price, I have no other chiropractic experience to compare it to, but I feel confident that I'm getting a strong value for the money, especially when you consider what a regular, spa-type massage costs per hour. 

I would highly recommend Dr. Williams and have sent my wife and three co-workers to see him since I started.


Immediately upon entering the office you can see things are different here. There is a very unique atmosphere that is somewhat trendy, spa-like, and very inviting. As it turns out, Dr. Rob was very active in the design and construction. A "hands-on" approach! During my initial consultation, Dr. Rob was very unhurried and took adequate time to understand my background, my current goals for care, and to explain how he runs his practice. He intentionally spaces out his scheduling to allow the time to do this. With my first adjustment I experienced improvement in areas that have been "chronic" for decades. Dr. Rob used some adjustments that achieved results I have not experienced from any other chiropractic care. The treatment ended with acupuncture, which helped leave the muscles in a relaxed state for nearly a week. On subsequent visits, I have also used the massage therapy services, which have also been outstanding. Dr. Rob hand picks his therapists from top students at local massage therapy schools. His services are extremely easy to schedule through the use of online appointment booking that allows you to see all openings for months and to book, cancel or reschedule at a time convenient for yourself. I've had the good fortune of being treated by a few truly outstanding chiropractors over the years and would include Dr. Rob Williams among them.


Dr. Rob is an excellent chiropractor and I'd be lost without him. He's helped me stay as pain-free as possible for several years now. When I first walked into his office, my pain was out of control and my situation felt hopeless. Due to an accident, I had a surgical plate and screws inserted in my neck, so didn't think chiropractic adjustments could even work for me. I’ve gained so much trust in working with Dr. Rob, and he is very careful with my condition, but still manages to adjust me and give my tissues just what they need, when they need it. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great chiropractor. And, I can't forget to also mention the two therapists working for him, Mercedes and Gabby are amazing as well! All I can say is there are magic hands working in that place!


I feel my blood pressure drop whenever I walk in, there is something very relaxing about Dr Rob's office. He even plays good music. The self-pay checkout is super smooth, and I like being able to book online. I have been proud to refer several friends to IHC over the years, and they all keep coming back. Long live ihc!


I've been blessed since finding Dr. Rob several years ago. I scarcely miss a month and I know it has saved me from being down several times.


I've been to a lot of different chiropractors over the years. Suffering from chronic stress-induced neck spasms...I was desperate for permanent relief. Dr. Rob took the time to listen to all of my neck issues. After the first treatment (an acute pain visit with my third neck spasm within 2 months)...I was able to heal from the spasm within 3 days (normally takes 7-9). He also gave me some much needed education about what I was doing to make my neck worse. He helped me understand a forever solution to my pain problems, and I've been a regular patient ever since. Going on 5 years now!


I have known Dr. Rob since he was at the chiropractic college and I honestly would never think of going anywhere else for treatment.  He always takes the time to explain why the treatment he is using is the best choice and his approach to the treatment is always use the right combination of firm and gentle.  He even treats my 11 yr old daughter and has for several years now.  She asks to go and see him!

I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone looking for a chiropractor or in need of therapeutic treatment.


I've been going to IHC for over 6 years after developing excruciating pain in my leg caused by sciatica.  An MD had recommended back surgery to relieve a bulging disc caused by degeneration in my spine, but I decided to see Dr. Rob on a friend's recommendation.

My wife assisted me as I hobbled in for weekly treatments at first until the pain subsided enough to walk normally.  Dr. Rob performed a combination of acupuncture and adjustment procedures.  His friendly staff performed deep tissue treatments.

I give all the credit for my recovery to this day to Dr. Rob and his staff.  I have continued with monthly maintenance appointments that keep me aligned.  During each visit he takes the time to ask questions and evaluate my progress so he can perform the necessary treatment.  He communicates and educates me on my symptoms and progress.  

It is very important to note that as a patient you must be patient with the series of recommended treatments.  You may not walk out of IHC and feel good right away the same day.  But eventually you will after the initial treatments undo the bad things that have happened to your body over a span of many years.

I hear so many horror stories of back surgery gone wrong and having to repeat the procedures.  I'm glad I chose to visit and I am very pleased with Dr. Rob.


I've had back issues for over a decade and have seen 9 chiropractors, until I met Dr. rob. I'll be a patient here for as long as I can. Every appointment I have is completely customized to what my back needs. His ability to pin point the root of the problem is quite remarkable. His masseuse's Gabby and Mercedes do amazing deep tissue massages. My body has never felt so mobile and free. Recommend to everyone!


I've felt better while seeing Dr. Rob than I have in years. He's passionate about actually delivering long term healing and empowering his patients with knowledge to help us pull our own weight to achieve results.


I have been a chiropractic patient for as long as I can remember.  I've also moved around a lot so with each new city, comes a new chiropractor.  I've made it a priority to have the FIRST doctor I find, be a chiropractor. And I'm so thankful I found Dr. Rob in Kansas City.  It has been over 5 years now and I couldn't be happier with the treatment I've received.

I have been treated for a multitude of things and Dr. Rob (and his two therapists, Mercedes and Gabby) have always been nothing but helpful and committed to getting me "straightened out" as I call it.  From lower back issues, to a sore neck, to aching muscles, to crooked hips...they have been fantastic with all of it.

I have referred him to co-workers and friends who were in need of chiropractic treatment.  I'm a firm believer in their healing techniques and would recommend him to anyone I know.


IHC has changed my life. I've been a patient for three years and I cannot imagine where I'd be without their compassion and attention.  I am a loyal patient! They have helped me with acupuncture, massage and chiropractic care. They are professional and genuine. I have received care from them until the eighth month of both of my pregnancies (a singleton and twins)and I truly believe I couldn't have made it without them. I see Dr. Williams and Mercedes every four weeks and it is a pleasure every time. I highly recommend their services.


My experience has been amazingly beneficial in changing and opening long ingrained tension.  A shift for body, mind, and spirit.


My shoulder was hurting for months off and on. It got so bad I was unable to play tennis, this past summer. 
In August, I started my treatment program. By November a was pain free. I regained confidence looking over my shoulder.


I have been going to IHC for several years for treatment of acute issues as well as for periodic adjustments and deep tissue work. Dr. Williams takes time to listen to my concerns as well as explain steps I can take to help myself. I recommend his practice to family and friends. If you have used other chiropractors who barely spend 5 minutes with you and are herding you out of their office before you can even explain how you are feeling, you will enjoy and appreciate Dr. Williams' approach. I also appreciate the deep tissue massage provided by Mercedes.  She has the strength to really dig in and loosen up the trouble areas in my neck and shoulders.  The combination of chiropractic adjustment and deep tissue massage is something I really look forward to, and I really look at as preventative maintenance for my body.


Dr. Rob Williams is someone that I would recommend to any friend or family member that requires chiropractic work.  Not only is he great at what he does but he's also very committed to providing the care a patient needs to achieve their treatment goal.  He's a very friendly doctor and listens to my concerns when I come in for my appointments.  This allows him to adjust my treatment to fit my needs at that time. 

It was a little more difficult for me to find a chiropractor that would work with me since I have a metal plate and a fusion in my spine but Dr. Williams was able to work around that and still provide the treatment I needed to live a more pain free life.  My life has changed thanks to Dr. Williams.


I highly recommend this practice. There's clearly a commitment to doing whatever it takes to promote healing through adjustments, deep tissue massage and acupuncture. I like that Dr. Rob is very committed to providing good care and focus rather than rushing people in and out the door. I've had three hip operations and my lower back and right hip are a mess... I started feeling a change in the range of motion in my lower back after the first treatment. His massage therapist is really great and has some STRONG freakin' hands!!! :D If you're in downtown Kansas City or River Market/City Market, hook up with IHC because they ROCK!


My name is Barbara Hall.  I have been a patient of Dr. Rob Williams since March 19, 2014.  This is my very first experience with Integrative Health Center.  My left knee, and other parts of my body had been giving me great pain and discomfort.  I must admit that I was extremely reticent as well as skeptical at first as what to expect from Dr. Rob.  I located his contact via the internet and found him to be quite a professional individual.  

Upon my first visit with Dr. Williams we talked about my expectations from his treatments. When I first came to Dr. Williams, I was very immobile and had frequent pain in my left knee.    Most days, I felt horrible.

I have never arrived for an appointment to see Dr. Williams in a hurry because he takes his time with me and is always professional, deeply concerned about my overall health and what he can do for me to make me feel better.  Being that I am 73-years old, I thought that he would write me off as just too old and over the hill to help.  

I found him to be overly sensitive to my my needs, expertly caring, and comprehensive in his explanation as to how he could help me improve my mobility. He is always fresh, and never appears to be in a big hurry even when he is behind schedule.  

I am extremely impressed with his virtual office which he has created to expedite services to his patients.  He always takes time to communicate and thoroughly explain why he is giving me a particular treatment.  He uses the best approach to my particular needs.  

Dr. Williams is extremely knowledgeable in his area of practice.  He is always aware of new technology and will willingly share any of his new knowledge with me.  I know that I can always communicate with Dr. Williams about my health concerns and that he listens.  I always feel like a special person when I have a session with Dr. Williams.  In fact, I feel like 10 billion dollars when I exit his practice.  

For anyone who would love to have a  personal, professional chiropractor and is willing to follow directions from Dr. Williams, they cannot go wrong.  I would gladly recommend his services to anyone. Keep up the good work DOC!   God Bless you and your family.